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Saturday tweeting

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1451 days ago

Saturday tweeting


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enchantingskies 1448 days ago

Awww! This is so cute! :)

DebV22 1450 days ago

Ahhhh! I always miss it when you are on. Love you both! What a sweet doggie. :)

CaroBadWolf 1451 days ago

A kiss with your dog ? ... cuuute ;)

jedikat71 1451 days ago

Aww... spaniel love! :)

yoonzena 1451 days ago

That I were the nose upon that dog or something like that

hope2259 1451 days ago

Awww wonderful picture! :) xx

zoeyzoom 1451 days ago

Somepuppy loves daddy!

evo0308 1451 days ago

Beauriful pic - love you all

Bex19DTLOVER 1451 days ago

I don't know who's more gorgeous, it's too hard to choose! X

Moosey87 1451 days ago

awwww such a cute picture :-)

HanSparkle86 1451 days ago

Awwwwwww I'm in love <3 seriously gorgeous picture boys <3

pinklady9087 1451 days ago

hi john what cute pair u make love the dogs aswell

Time_Hound 1451 days ago

Great pic you guys - but where's Jack? That is a priceless photo John, Scott. (from Canadaland)

thearcherclan 1451 days ago

thank you for sharing this v gorgeous family shot with us. oooh, lucky charlie! xx

jhelms345 1451 days ago

SO cute! I hope to have that some day! XoXo

By_SJD 1451 days ago

So wounderful! Joined twitter to follow u ended up followinf a lot more

weenick 1451 days ago

Lots of tweeting, but no birds! *tweet*

LilFerret 1451 days ago

♥ ♥ ♥ Love it.

KathieMaria93 1451 days ago

awwww, my best mate 's dog does that with her and/or he parents lol xxx

sam_joy 1451 days ago

I used to get inbetween my mum & dad like that!! :-D