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#randomroadsnaps  demise of uncle jesse doll---

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1844 days ago

#randomroadsnaps demise of uncle jesse doll---


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TinaLBP 1840 days ago

I know you didn't really do it! Was he saying "Oh NOOOO like Mr. Bill?"!

GabbyIndigo 1843 days ago

This is NOT a pose that I had in mind for your doll! I do like the reflection in the tire hub cap!

GabbyIndigo 1843 days ago

Of all of my ideas to you so far for your photo journal, this was definitely NOT one of them!

deborevisque 1843 days ago

Dooon't do that!

Chiara927 1843 days ago

you need to take pictures of him in front of something that represents where you are on the tour! We have a Ken doll who has all his "travels" photographed...

GabbyIndigo 1843 days ago

OMG! John, how could you do this? You could have signed and auctioned it for "Project Cuddle"!

Lynner2010_O 1843 days ago

Awwww. Hahaha.

DanielleW96 1844 days ago

somebody save him! :)

elodygomes 1844 days ago

How RUDE ! lol

cupcakezable 1844 days ago

I used to abuse all my barbie dolls, but I'll sure treat Jesse well!

AngelsPhoto 1844 days ago

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Mail it me - I'll keep him pristine and gorgeous just as the man he's based on! Lol! xXx

CourtneyDavonne 1844 days ago

Have MERCY you're gonna wreck Jesse's hair! ...How rude! lol :(

LisaAPerry 1844 days ago

Hey John, I think thats against the law...well, some law...somewhere...

BecciDunn 1844 days ago

"Hey! Watch the hair!"

ZeynepBilall 1844 days ago

Quote: "Have mercy!" Hahaha :)

jasmooti 1844 days ago

How rude!!! Lol

Photograstalker 1844 days ago

AH! I think Uncle Jesse Doll needs his own twitter page to document his Beach Boys road tour.

Orchidias 1844 days ago

Poor Uncle Jesse doll ;_; (also I love this camera app, looks like Hipstamatic!)

victoria_pike 1844 days ago

Have mercy!

ItsLillyGeorges 1844 days ago

OUCH. Haha. :)