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Jay-Z or Urkel? :

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1788 days ago

Jay-Z or Urkel? :


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SenoritaRock 1624 days ago

Urkel would be a better choice.

zhCreate 1710 days ago

Jay-Z + Biggie + Malcolm X = Steve Urkel

jonlee3333 1787 days ago

I'm more interested in the possibility of Tenacious D wall art to the right.

AnissaLaStrega 1787 days ago

Stefan for the win!

MotherOfGOAT 1787 days ago


ilyBritSpears 1787 days ago

who makes it?

bobotoh 1787 days ago

Good catch!

JSJonesie 1787 days ago

That is Stefan! Urkel's alter ego.

Medalion2889 1788 days ago

Young Ray Charles+Urkel

JimmyEnya 1788 days ago

It's a negative of McLovin with his face pressed against a window

bruisedgrace 1788 days ago

someone should spray "Laauraa!!" next to it in a speech bubble.

traestarspalace 1788 days ago


aslinky33 1788 days ago

Ray Charles.

bitless 1788 days ago

whoever he is, looks like he's having that tiny human help him smoke.

MainCourse94 1788 days ago

I say Sean Urkell

AmusingThings 1788 days ago

i take it back, the glasses were fooling me

AmusingThings 1788 days ago

it looks like ray charles

PhaLLyBerrY 1788 days ago

Urkel or Stefon that is not the question? Jigga who? Cuz that doesn't look like JAZY-Z

Webby0 1788 days ago

Not sure but my man in the beater looks like he was convicted of bro rape in the '07 era

Simply_Cha 1788 days ago

Stefan Urkelle.