Bill Gates


Sharing cool things I'm learning through my foundation work and other interests...

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maheshuppa 1998 days ago

Thank U Very Much For doing Good Things

malihai 2000 days ago

Ram likes to talk to you about a new invention, micromix that eats oil in spills. Just hear him out.

bmanish6 2004 days ago

great thing gates

OeseJoseph 2031 days ago

please help the needy.

OeseJoseph 2057 days ago

Bill, you are a model to the world leaders please keep it doing good to the less fortunate.

KahunaHawaii 2059 days ago

I need to get to China and see what is going on at the new center of the center of a new world order

peterajisafe 2072 days ago

Bill we need more people like you in the world with great dreams...

precious1bk 2078 days ago

Do you have foundation that funds talented children for education in music by way of scholarship. My son is in need of it. My mail ID

sved9 2081 days ago

#BillGates for all the works you do,i hope you can feel the love surrounding you.

sabelsi966 2082 days ago

this photo isnt clear enough dont be stingy bill buy yourself a more expensive camera!

OeseJoseph 2082 days ago

my wife and children are crying for help,no shelter , no food, lack uniform, sometimes also we sleep hungry.

WeAreHackers 2082 days ago

왜 한국에는 안오시는 겁니까? 중국, 일본 다 가시면서 말입니다!!! 정말 섭섭합니다!
Why do you not come to Korea? plz Hurry up!!!

AiroMakiSun 2082 days ago

I will need few good Chinese actors to my action movie.Taking picture is a good start :)

Chandrakannan1 2082 days ago

More interest people............

bestpractice2 2082 days ago

Beautiful room, beautiful people.

Gaathry 2082 days ago

I am Gayathry from Kerala. I am a patient. I have no own house also I have a big debt because of my mothers treatment. She is an Alshimeshius patient. please protect us from our debt. 09496363270

MouruMousu 2082 days ago


TGIChocolate 2083 days ago

Looks like you have a captive audience....unless you were standing to their right...

jacsantacruz 2083 days ago

Its ok they will all buy Mac's!

realearsofAlbom 2083 days ago

Thank god for Paul Schaefer