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...for the heart is an organ of fire...

DAY 55. 

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2004 days ago

DAY 55.


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Stephani_12 1987 days ago

Awesome! Loved it!

Terriaw 2001 days ago

This is breathtaking! I love the details of the lace and the shadowing on her face.

JadeXsis 2003 days ago

~Veil of innocence and truth~ beautiful work

Shirley_86_ 2003 days ago

this is so beautiful.... its so detailed, amazing

MariWho_ 2003 days ago

Oh Myyyyyyyyyy Gosh.

AleksandraLukac 2003 days ago

Wonderful! I hope you like mine for Friday.. :) http://twitpic.com/5a4mri

selmabit 2003 days ago

Beautiful, romantic and inspiring drawing as always!

LottaPeppiina 2004 days ago

This is sooo Beautiful!

katvondworld 2004 days ago

wow I'm speechless! this one totally rocks!!

OrlySquarepants 2004 days ago

will you turn all this amazing art to a printed book? please do

SirilovesKevin 2004 days ago

That's so beautiful. That's called ART, I could watch that kinda art all day long in a museum.

Oddwhims 2004 days ago

The detail on that lace is amazing.

gunneroath 2004 days ago


muffitsg 2004 days ago


atinymind 2004 days ago

Is it just me or does she look a little like the VS Angel, Rosie Huntington?

JenniferGenius 2004 days ago

I think you like the Victorian era mourners because they have more detail to draw = next level up.

CaitlinFulcher 2004 days ago

So pretty<3

chloe30stmars 2004 days ago

OMG this Rocks!!

lizacpa 2004 days ago

Behind the Veil...Beautiful & intriguing:)

AllisonSamsel 2004 days ago