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Ok, so mayb @TiffanyRinehart & I aren't the best bakers. Maggie cake, take one

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1487 days ago

Ok, so mayb & I aren't the best bakers. Maggie cake, take one


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babahoku 1479 days ago

Is this the chocolate praline cake from The Cake Mix Doctor by any chance?

AtlGuynSF 1484 days ago

lol. Looks like you might as well have made cake soup. :)

Ally_do 1486 days ago

Yes but does it taste good? Really that's all that matters.

frankiecmw 1486 days ago

ehhhhh....hahahahaHaHaHAHAHA. Oh Kathy Lovie, u do so crack me up!

tuivieira 1487 days ago


mickwillie 1487 days ago

Hey, at least you guys tried!! I can't bake either..pls wish Maggie a very Happy Birthday for me & hope there's many more to come!!!

lisa1348 1487 days ago

I bet it's still good tho. Plop a big scoop of icecream on it.

JGSaxon 1487 days ago

Happy Birthday Maggie and many more!

The_Heartlesss 1487 days ago

OMG, the frosting and cake are both too warm! Don't let the cake condensate. Cool it thoroughly.

mrsullenbeauty 1487 days ago

I'd still eat part of it.

royalrey7 1487 days ago

Wow. It looks like you busted someone's skull open. Zombie cake?

nataliefiner 1487 days ago

- kind of reminds me of lindsay lohan's career- you figure it out!

BrookeLestock 1487 days ago

It looks like you tried to put out a pile of flaming dog poop with a fire extinguisher. I'd eat it.

mokinbird01 1487 days ago

what is that thing?

babysarms 1487 days ago

The cake is suppose to cool off BEFORE you put the frosting on, Kathy!

dreamheart 1487 days ago

Poor Maggie. Love you Maggie, Happy Birthday you beautiful soul you.Demand a better cake. After all you're 91! for christ's sake

AlmightyZan 1487 days ago

What the HELL is that monstrosity???? It looks like a rhino ejaculated on a pile of horse shit!

nataliefiner 1487 days ago

i would expect this from you! BUT NOT TIFFANY! LOL