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LOTS of tissues for #CaseyAnthony

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1938 days ago

LOTS of tissues for #CaseyAnthony


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solomondeb 1893 days ago

I still cant understand how she got away with the murder of her child.She will stand before God one day , thou she not commit murder, God will judge her for the death of her daughter.

LiLR3D777 1921 days ago

Casey is just somebody who needs help and need to be on death row

jill748 1926 days ago

she is crazy if she thinks that anybody truly believes she is crying over anyone but herself!!!!!

Kayak_Queen 1932 days ago

Casey body language- Part 3 - 6/9/11 User:1947Sierra on You Tube look at 26:17 & 27:07 mark on the video. She shoots a bird 2x while 'wiping tears'. No one has shown or commented on this!

calif_girl 1935 days ago

Do her clothes and hair in a bun really fool anyone? Don't we all recall the pics of her partying...

calif_girl 1935 days ago

Gawd, is she really that stupid? We all see through the tissue and fake tears!

ashtherealist 1935 days ago

just for show of course.. had to up it from that 1 tissue she was using over and over

hotjacki85 1935 days ago

she probably took them out of her bra... maybe shes finally realizing her looks and little school girl smiles arent getting her out of this one.

lettysglowing 1936 days ago

She's Heartless!! Who is she fooling. She is holding it up on purpose to show the jury. Guilty

BLACKDRAGONFLY5 1937 days ago

I hope she rot in prison !!she would of been better off pleading insanity, I truly think she is!

dorahavaas 1937 days ago

any1 that can kill there baby is fuked up

CAnthonystissue 1938 days ago

This is my best pic yet. My moment of fame.

mikevaldez74 1938 days ago

Guess it's a lot more dramatic to walk in with a huge handful of tissues than just a box of them.

sapphyre_skyy 1938 days ago

Her tears magically disappear when the jury is called out, have you noticed? NO audience for our little actress.

CiraSaget 1938 days ago

How pathetic this chic is! Holding up the tissues so that the jury could feel sorry for her.

StepanovSports 1938 days ago

hot body contest my ass lol

ChristieOwens1 1938 days ago

Seems like she's holding them up to show off! Ladies are taught to fold them and keep in pocket!

bbuvie 1938 days ago

All the tears are because ONCE again Caylee is getting attention. Shame on her.

ksuave 1938 days ago

she's crying because she didnt get away with it

debra_hudson 1938 days ago

she is holding them up high for the cameras