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What do you think of this #CaseyAnthony photo?

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1813 days ago

What do you think of this #CaseyAnthony photo?


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solomondeb 1768 days ago

She makes me sick. A big loser.

LiLR3D777 1796 days ago

Shes just careing for herself .. trying to get jury to belives something fake just like herself

KelliR144 1808 days ago

She's plucking nose hair and squeezing her eyelids just hoping to elicit a fake tear!

gonw123 1810 days ago

el abogado de casey , es tan mentiroso como ella, y con tal mal corazon que quiere culpar a el padre de ella. para salvar a esta asesina.

gonw123 1810 days ago

esta mujer es una bestia, mato su hijita tan bella, porque no se dio a sus abuelitos. pena de muerte para ella .

LawrenceSchiavo 1810 days ago

Casey knows the gig is up !!! Dr. G said it best, " it's murder because how can it be explained how Caylee ends up with tape across her face and in a trash bag". Does that sound like an accidental death to any clear thinking person !

hotjacki85 1810 days ago

What a loser... nice dry crinkled kleenex... i hope she rots in a cell..or in an electric chair!

Dymplez24 1810 days ago

what is she drinking from her nose & have the tissue looking wet as if she's realy crying?

AmyGarlen1 1810 days ago

Honestly, I don't know what to think about her "Crying". but i think she did it, but do i think they can prove it? no!

drdannelly 1810 days ago

No pity from me for this girl my twins were the same age as Cayley when she died.

Essie272 1811 days ago

someone ought to give her two bobby pins so her hair wouldn't fall in her face.

saracalautti 1812 days ago

I can't imagine why all these people from HLN starting to feel sorry for her because she's gotten upset a FEW times. I used to love Ryan Smith..but did he forget about Caylee..He's constantly "poor Casey"

saracalautti 1812 days ago

I've never seen anyone cry through their nose! Then she has to constantly look at tissues to see if they're wet!! SICKENING!!

MyOwnWayJenny 1812 days ago

Why is there no eye make up on the Kleenex? She wears make up to court everyday!

stustutbird 1812 days ago

She has no remorse the tissue is dry! Raise your children to be self dependant.

fcarrier51 1812 days ago

It's just amazing how much mileage she gets from a single tissue. If she were crying as much as she pretends to she would have a pile of soggy, snotty tissues waist high.

ForeverGeralyn 1812 days ago

Too little, too late. The pain and suffering that she has caused to so many leaves little or no room for sympathy towards her.

PritTeaKe 1812 days ago

i think she's bn coached????? i mean she's already good at faking

SkeeWeeLady08 1812 days ago

I'm surprised her lawyers have not wrapped tissues in onion juice so she can shed a real tear!

DennisLarkin 1812 days ago

I will say this - that Zephyrhills bottled water is getting some excellent product placement!!!