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Ex teen-idol.

boys surprised me with #unclejessedoll in Chicago last night.  What should I do w/ it in Pittsburg tonight?

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1791 days ago

boys surprised me with #unclejessedoll in Chicago last night. What should I do w/ it in Pittsburg tonight?


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redheadonfire2 1757 days ago

u should give it to me

TheresaKEbert 1788 days ago

Hun, I have to ask. What is on your nose????? If you needed someone to swat flies, you should've called!

DanielleW96 1790 days ago

awesome! Glad I got to be there when you had it on stage LOL :)

hilaryforsythe 1791 days ago

Saw you & the Beach Boys tonight at the Meadows..I was one of the girls right up at the stage screaming, singing & dancing. You were awesome!! I had a blast! And P.S., you are hot! :-)

aslider09 1791 days ago

I just wanted to say thank you for putting on an awesome show in Pittsburgh!! One hell of a musician

Chiara927 1791 days ago

haha!!! I have the same one!!! He lives in my closet!!

CAMartinsky 1791 days ago

pittsburgH. sorry, mad i'm not at the meadows right now and i'm trying to find some reason not to like u

LisaAPerry 1791 days ago

I say keep it mint in box & if you need help in your old age, sell it!

GabbyIndigo 1791 days ago

You could make the doll look like all of the other characters that you have played by getting it some doll clothes. For example, some dr. scrubs and a nice suit.

Photograstalker 1791 days ago

The Andy Warhol Museum #UncleJesseDoll

cupcakezable 1791 days ago

Sell it on Ebay! I'll sell my socks to that sock-fetish guy that keeps conacting me, just to afford it

redfox5231 1791 days ago

If you can make it being made into a, you can make it any where.

GabbyIndigo 1791 days ago

You know you've made it when they've made your likeness/character into two dolls! Way to go, John!

GabbyIndigo 1791 days ago

The 2nd "Uncle Jesse Doll" comes in a set along with Becky, Nicky, and Alex dolls. It is very cute!

GabbyIndigo 1791 days ago

There are actually 2 "Uncle Jesse Dolls" out there! This one and the other one is made/ by TIGER.

tweetjon 1791 days ago

autograph it and auction it!!

hollywoodhaleyb 1791 days ago do this with your doll! meet jawaan!!!

AnnechantedRose 1791 days ago

Yes, so do the flat stanley thing, that would be awesome. Maybe a pic at a yellow bridge?

TheresaKEbert 1791 days ago

How great!!! LOLOL

iluvfilm9 1791 days ago

Mail it to meeee!!!