Kat Von D


...for the heart is an organ of fire...

DAY 54. 

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1909 days ago

DAY 54.


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Stephani_12 1890 days ago

Loved it xD Its so cute and Funny <3

manny_miles 1903 days ago

My favorite of the 50+ sketches so far, Kat. nice work.

Kyyrieleth 1905 days ago

i would love to get you to tattoo this on me!

S__CLELLAND 1906 days ago

love this! I thought it said food and got excited

Oddwhims 1908 days ago

It's like medieval folk art, cool!

dannilam73 1908 days ago


grasshopper2090 1908 days ago


jimfelice1 1908 days ago

I really like this thinking, cool stuff.

ElizabethVidrio 1908 days ago

twitpic.com/59nqzu check ouy the one I did of you:)

JenniferGenius 1908 days ago

"Better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all..." ♥

JenniferGenius 1908 days ago

Nice drawing Kat! Reminds me of myself. 3 years of devotion to my boyfriend only to have him leave.

JenniferGenius 1908 days ago

Dear Guest15260, PLEASE STOP ASSUMING people who like tattoo-art need to saved from Fire Lakes. Thx

aircooledtx 1908 days ago

New Orleans,maybe Andre*

dad_candidate 1908 days ago


ericburdon1 1908 days ago

another amazing sketch,what was going through your mind whilst drawing it?anyone we know? :)))

TheDrugInMexMCR 1908 days ago

I can't stop looking at this.... *love*

selmabit 1908 days ago

This is what love looks like, just a little deeper...

SarahxHazel 1908 days ago

Love the swirls and the detail :) amazing!

AleksandraLukac 1908 days ago

I love it! The swirls are amazing! ;) http://twitpic.com/598izo

ittwiz 1908 days ago

I have a question.. how long does it take you to make a sketch ?