Kat Von D


...for the heart is an organ of fire...

DAY 53. 

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2003 days ago

DAY 53.


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PeLaZii 2001 days ago

wow beautiful

allisonmak 2002 days ago

Pretty. Looks like :)

katvondworld 2002 days ago

Very nice. I love your sketches <3

birumut 2002 days ago

Nice :)

blondeDeern 2002 days ago

My Birthdaysketch ;-) I love it!!!!

nightmares_lady 2003 days ago

That's awesome! o.o loooove it! She's beautiful *-*

forrestolsen 2003 days ago

she has realy big hair.

JenniferGenius 2003 days ago

Thumbs up Kat! I like your use of gestural lines in this piece. Very flowy w/ movement in the hair.

JenniferGenius 2003 days ago

Dear Guest15255, please STOP assuming people who like tattoo-art need to saved from Fire Lakes. Thx

manny_miles 2003 days ago

She kinda looks like , Kat.

CaitlinFulcher 2003 days ago

f**kin love! <3

ladyvicious13 2003 days ago

Love! Reminds me of Niagara pop art, however this has more feel! So raaaaad!

ladyvicious13 2003 days ago

This is awesomesouce! Almost resembles Niagara's pop art, however this has more feel

JeezJeezy 2003 days ago

Nice line work

Terriaw 2003 days ago

Always wanted to draw a self-portrait. Makes me wish this girl was me! Def gonna try now.

Dirrtydiva99 2003 days ago

ummm wow!!!!!!

CamiilIla 2003 days ago

Minha inspiração!

kathopeway 2003 days ago

That's amazing! I wish I was as good as you (:

noys_h2 2003 days ago

nice pic :)