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Robot builder, modelmaker and television host on Mythbusters.

Hey look! @karibyron made a new friend! #fromset #Mythbusters

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1388 days ago

Hey look! made a new friend! #fromset #Mythbusters


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claudia3793 1382 days ago

love his new friend xD

notar13 1383 days ago

Best job ever!

jianweit 1383 days ago

no..not the same face...but same expression..

Chainsaw4Real 1384 days ago

And The Asylum's production of "Sergeant American" kicks off it's effects work...

paulcl64 1387 days ago

nice smile

eldamon 1387 days ago

Any excuse to take a pic of is a good thing.

ActionJacksonZA 1387 days ago

It pics like these that remind me why I love Twitter.

coniks2 1387 days ago

And this is for a twisted puppet show, mayhaps?

KomalS30 1387 days ago

Geoff Peterson 2.0 prototype?

HoboRobot 1387 days ago

OH, and this pic is held up on my fridge with a Geoff Peterson magnet that I made myself. (brag brag)

HoboRobot 1387 days ago

This pic just cracks me up, it sure did yesterday. I put it up on my fridge!

DutchBigEd 1387 days ago

'twee druppels water' as we say in Holland ;o))

AlexRyaz94 1387 days ago

Greetins from Russia!

AlexRyaz94 1387 days ago

They are beautiful!

AukeHuizinga 1387 days ago


Daltana 1388 days ago

"Making friends" has a whole new meaning with you folks.

rodrig0paiva 1388 days ago

hauehuHAUHEUHE.. the saaaaame! :P

Madoneshromkill 1388 days ago

Hey nice friend i think i met him before..Hmm i will think about it,ta ta

aballing89 1388 days ago

Well, Kari, at least its not made from pig parts. (Its NOT, is it Grant?)

HoboRobot 1388 days ago

If Geoff Peterson and "Peanut" (Jeff Dunham) had a love-puppet/robot child-thing! This would be it.