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...for the heart is an organ of fire...

DAY 52. 

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1417 days ago

DAY 52.


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Stephani_12 1398 days ago

Love the dress!

yvonneleekvdfan 1416 days ago

i love this one...AMAZING

katvondworld 1416 days ago

WoW!!! I'm so stoke on it! Totally awesome

KayCee_79 1416 days ago

Awesome drawing!!!!!!

JenniferGenius 1416 days ago

This one is AWESOME. The dimensionality of the veil over the body is really great!

JareeVonn 1416 days ago

Love It <3 beautiful

crysstalclear 1416 days ago

epic! love it! one of my faves <3

Oddwhims 1417 days ago

I love it! Love the corsetted Victorian mourning dress!!!

DanielleLH 1417 days ago

Absolutely breathtaking, just like all your sketches!! :)

selmabit 1417 days ago

It's sad! Beautiful drawing!

Terriaw 1417 days ago

holy crap, this is amazing and beautiful! I could stare at it for hours, taking in all the lovely details.

Stud_Monster 1417 days ago

I love this. You are genius

ladyvicious13 1417 days ago

This took my breath away...I wish I live in this era.

JenniferGenius 1417 days ago

There is no LAKE OF FIRE... except the ones megalomanic "leaders" may create via war.

__shaina 1417 days ago

You're amazing btw!! You inspire me so much. I'm an aspiring tattoo artist haha. check out my most

__shaina 1417 days ago

I really wanna know, do u do all ur daily sketches straight outta ur imagination? or do u use reference pictures?

AleksandraLukac 1417 days ago

I LOVE IT! I hope you like mine too, although I've put the wrong month... http://twitpic.com/598izo :)

coldhardbitch__ 1417 days ago


Ashleigh_713 1417 days ago

Wow, if I'd had to wear that when my husband died, yet I think I wouldn't have minded, for a while

JenniferGenius 1417 days ago

Dave Matthews and Emmy Lou Harris did a nice cover of it too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tA3RKUHhN5A