Ryan Tedder, Brent Kutzle, Eddie Fisher, Drew Brown, Zach Filkins #LoveRunsOut & #CountingStars from #Native on iTunes:

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Signed the guest book for our good pal Jay Leno. #GoodLife

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1167 days ago

Signed the guest book for our good pal Jay Leno. #GoodLife


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anne1013661R 1166 days ago

Your smiley faces are so cute! Oh, and nice poetry, Brent ;).

Anke09loves1R 1166 days ago

aww....that's so sweet of you :) LOVE IT SO MUCH <3

1arrawr 1166 days ago

Haha, funny. love it!

Nada_Luvs_Pw_1R 1166 days ago

Hahaha... Love it! xD

joanneinabox 1167 days ago

"We wrote in your crack" ahahahaha you guys are insane! Love it! xD

Lerietka 1167 days ago

haha..."stay cool in the pool,get laid in the shade." who wrote that? :-D Brent?? xD funny...:)

Loyal1RAngel 1167 days ago

i'd love to know who signed his "crack" ahahaha :)

chaaricienta 1167 days ago

wooow! love it. my dream? have it :)!

Lissydreams1R 1167 days ago

Love it!!!!!

1rdreamer 1167 days ago

I'd love to have that guest book :) Love what you wrote!

OneRepublicVE 1167 days ago

I want a guest book like this! I love it! <3

catmarcie 1167 days ago

So cool! :) nice writing guys! Thx for share with us ;)

Vlora1R 1167 days ago

Yeahhh superrr guests!

SlymerXT 1167 days ago

#GoodLife performance on - awesome!

1Rfanalltheway 1167 days ago

thats really cool im happy you guys had a great time

Francy_1975 1167 days ago

can I have an inscription+smile for me too next time that I ask your autographs? :)

Nifigace 1167 days ago

))) love it

30stm_echelon_ 1167 days ago

ohh wow i want this guestbook :)

ZoyaYeah 1167 days ago

'have а summer' niiiiceee^^

lazy_hobbit 1167 days ago

I want the same. Present me, please =)))))))