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Saw these for sale at a local hardware store.Geek in me bought 3! I'm 10 yrs old again! TY Guillow's!

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2006 days ago

Saw these for sale at a local hardware store.Geek in me bought 3! I'm 10 yrs old again! TY Guillow's!


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Jesstyn 1973 days ago

God I luved those! I 'member sumtimes chuking them so hard they'd do a loop & nosedive 2the ground

BUENCAMINO2011 1976 days ago

Some things we never grow out of. Why not own a real plane? You deserve it!

car_carkic 1980 days ago

Cool. I'm almost a grandmother but I remember these. I would buy them too. Have fun!

pearlwise 1983 days ago

I remember those

jonnavillio 1995 days ago

Used to think those things were soooo cool..... now I feel sooo old :(

BenTrebilcook 1995 days ago

I used to love these! Now you have your own fleet of crop dusters!

BlindFlyTheater 1998 days ago

love those

Fudgemar 2000 days ago

Oh my God, u've just takes me back about 30yrs. Flip, Im getting old!!

ChrissyCarlson2 2003 days ago

wow haven't seen those in awhile..too cool

jifloyd 2003 days ago

Tie a helium balloon to them, tie a lit cigarette on the line and watch the plane fly, cool

tmmoffitt1 2004 days ago

Love it! there's nothing geeky about that!

Barbarian70 2004 days ago

Nice one mate!, the geek is in us all, it's not a bad thing too let it out now and again! lol.

sweetknees77 2005 days ago

Wow! Cool remember these ..my brothers use too have these!

Rainey_Bee 2005 days ago

My goodness I've been trying to comment and I finally figured it out u would think I was 10 and those look like a lot of fun fly one for me.

Canuckkim 2005 days ago

I have bought the same planes for my boys. lol

KCKellyP 2005 days ago

I remember those! Great find!

jasmino_bambino 2005 days ago

haha cute. do they fly well?

BourbonBowl 2005 days ago

Not seen these in years, dont actually think you can buy them in Scotland now.

TameTheDrew 2005 days ago

We'll all get them once she is President! Lady Gaga 2012 Presidential Campaign http://t.co/Mg13hdK

Steves420 2005 days ago

Fly them once and done lol, does bring back memories