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...for the heart is an organ of fire...

DAY 51. 

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1965 days ago

DAY 51.


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hana194114 1965 days ago


katvondworld 1965 days ago

I am glad you find your Sketch Book. This drawing is awesome. I love feathers :)

nspencerj 1965 days ago

WOW!! thats awesome :)

aircooledtx 1965 days ago

Light as a feather, did you find the sketch book..

autoplagiarist_ 1965 days ago

Awesome sketch, Kat!

AleksandraLukac 1965 days ago

Viva_La_Nikki_ 1965 days ago

Do you accept artists submissions for Wonderland? Lemme know :)

selmabit 1965 days ago

"Have you ever observed a humming-bird moving about in an aerial dance among the flowers - a living prismatic gem.... it is a creature of such fairy-like loveliness as to mock all description."
W.H. Hudson

Comunklam 1965 days ago

JenniferGenius 1965 days ago

Of course, you continue to inspire many many people like myself and we will keep watching!

JenniferGenius 1965 days ago

The first two seasons were really awesome (more art focused). But I am guessing TLC wanted drama...

JenniferGenius 1965 days ago

Ever since I saw you got your own show, your art has been reinspiring this burnt-out artist. Thank U.

DarleneDyani 1965 days ago

So glad you found your book! **sighs in relief** Exquisite, Kat!

Ajaia 1965 days ago

I <3 your drawings, besides tattooing do you do any other forms of art?

Dirrtydiva99 1965 days ago

holy cow!!!!! beautiful!

keshiaford 1965 days ago

♥ that would make one amazinggggggg tattoo. wow:]

JenniferGenius 1965 days ago

Looks great Kat!

leonbuenasrolas 1965 days ago