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Ok, you wanna know who Moleaks is?
This guy ------}

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1513 days ago

Ok, you wanna know who Moleaks is?
This guy ------}


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delia_lorenzo 1473 days ago

so cute!

clairegrr 1511 days ago

*in silly voice* Awww bless those eyes, you are a gorgeous doggy (Tis a lovely photo, love Mo)

silvianrod 1512 days ago

is a cowboy, I see... Like human, like dog ;)

bondgirl1126 1512 days ago


FadeToBlack666 1513 days ago

Ohh he´s So cute

patrycjabog 1513 days ago

He's So Cute

LeMyrn 1513 days ago

Your Moleaks is..ahhh little baby.gaga-googoo..cuchi-coo! okay he's cute :)

ShadowGabbie 1513 days ago

He's So Cute ^_^

mylobster27 1513 days ago

I'm sure Mo is much more intelligent than some in the twitterverse. He's an assett :D

ErinGBragh 1513 days ago

That's so cute. ^o^ Although personally I'm more into cats.

Twilight_Spice 1513 days ago

He's adorable.

bahamallama16 1513 days ago

awwww how cute!! :)

keeleylou25 1513 days ago

awwww how adorable :D

Dan_Porto 1513 days ago

tá, queria ser esse cachorro só pra ficar perto de você KK

OutInTheAether 1513 days ago

Mo, meet Zeus. ;)

anaybel 1513 days ago

Aaaaawwwwso cute!!!

OutInTheAether 1513 days ago

As cute as he may be I doubt highly he can type. #nothumbs xo

CarolCCastro_ 1513 days ago

cute *u*

SamIsDisneyland 1513 days ago

where di u get this cuteee?

ItzAshyYo 1513 days ago

aww what a sweetie!! he's adorable!