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Nothin'll keep me from my beloved longgg walks in NYC, even if my pants r fallin down

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1964 days ago

Nothin'll keep me from my beloved longgg walks in NYC, even if my pants r fallin down


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hurl771 1964 days ago

hey that's like that hot dog guy's picture

snatchinweaves 1964 days ago

You look so cute! Really do not be so self conscious, you're beautiful! x

Vanessa_Gamez 1964 days ago

What are you listening to on the ipod?

JennAnnWes 1964 days ago

it's cause ya cha cha is DANGA-RUSSSSS

consciouswords 1964 days ago


murryk 1964 days ago

Today my fat butt was exposed at physical therapy when the drawstring broke on my shorts....

crinda54 1964 days ago

Cute KG! LOL!

Balzgal 1964 days ago

The Incredible Shrinking Kathy---What Up??? Hummmmmmmmm!!!!!

EandPislove 1964 days ago

you're too skinny!!

3pines 1964 days ago

Police Line: Do not cross this pische.

blackwingangels 1964 days ago

I wish I was that thin!

brese73 1964 days ago


stimrise 1964 days ago

please bang me!!! you look super thin btw.

labellaprincess 1964 days ago


BDDishere 1964 days ago

You needed crime scene tape!!

Maybach_Maheen 1964 days ago

I thought that was already a NY trend Lol Its a belt, Its a scarf

joeyanyc 1964 days ago

Gaga or Britney? Who ya listening to?

CaroleFrenche 1964 days ago

You are seriously so adorable and TINY! How do you stay so itty bitty? I swear you keep shrinking

hklthedream 1964 days ago

I need a belt like that. because it's free. and pants no longer fit me well.

chrisgrulke 1964 days ago

whatcha listening to?