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I LOVE to sing & entertain. I'm gonna win a grammy one day. U can check out my OTHER full time job while juggling my busy music career at www.sophiasheart.org

Hey Guys...Here's a sneak peek from the photo shoot.  Can't wait to show you more.

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1793 days ago

Hey Guys...Here's a sneak peek from the photo shoot. Can't wait to show you more.


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SoJoFan78 1708 days ago

looking very sexy here mr.gokey. and can i say, you have perfect lips ;]

BritneyMyBoo 1785 days ago


gricelda_av 1786 days ago


KymWinchester 1788 days ago


Poor_Old_Cat 1788 days ago

Sexy looking ... I think I'm going to faint.

freshman1814 1788 days ago

ur soo amazing the love of my lifee

Miss_Magzy 1790 days ago

geez louise....... ::dead:::

mIckEyjlArA 1790 days ago

Hot dog!!! very nice! <3

Xoan_kc_dc 1791 days ago

Wow, cool pic! I love u, man! Gr8 music!

mkeforyou 1791 days ago

BAD to the bone!

RFkim75 1791 days ago

GREAT pic...can't wait to see more!!! I've always known you were a tease D ;) Only thing I'd change is to be able to see your eyes :)

happyhexer 1792 days ago

STILL think U look like Danny, not RDJ. Per comments, must mean I don't know what RDJ looks likes!

bryxxx09 1792 days ago

i like it my idol idol!!! hope youll be successful and prove to all you are truly the winnahhh haha

mommy2breanna 1792 days ago

I LOVE IT!!! U look sooooooooooo GOOOOOOOD!!!

kookie0624 1793 days ago

Great look Danny!! SOOOO HANDSOME!!

jannworth 1793 days ago

Danny, you're lookin' mighty cool in this photo!

josef17 1793 days ago

love love love love it. so nice!

sundevil2000 1793 days ago

Danny, very nice! Can't wait to see more!

comix_ 1793 days ago

nice :)

nicklachey_10 1793 days ago

OMG!! So hott! More please...lol