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Insane pic of @TimTebow getting ready to tee off @FedEx @StJude Classic

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1450 days ago

Insane pic of getting ready to tee off Classic


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_No20_ 1445 days ago

Bigger than Peyton Hillis, damn my boy Timmy got even bigger.

ryanporter1 1448 days ago

Each hand appears as big as his head. That is what gives away the photoshopping. He is big but not that

bpbroe 1449 days ago

Holy shit

footballmomtyna 1449 days ago

I recently saw Timmy at the D1 Savannah work out with my son and the other members. He is absolutely that big (not photoshopped) which blew us all away. He's obviously keeping very busy during the lock out. :) God bless to the Tebow family!

garyinrevolt 1450 days ago

looks photoshoped

K8ieLane 1450 days ago

Oooh, ...stop flexing for the picture... We're all on to you. LOL

bblair74 1450 days ago

is that Brock Lessner?

polishmissile 1450 days ago

not in my swing (whining)

ubodfit 1450 days ago

I guess he is lfting for The Lord

MLewII 1450 days ago

What's more insane the torque on the club or the fact that he almost knocked himself out with hisbicep

lmckenna12 1450 days ago

I thought the Hulk was green??

Candarian_Demon 1450 days ago


bradhovis 1450 days ago

his glove is on the wrong hand.

Mac_Diego 1450 days ago

he bent the golf club in mid air!

ndillon40 1450 days ago

Swing arch is too steep. Bet he hit it fat.....FAT!

Brkstoutfiend 1450 days ago

Your vagina should be scared. Can you imagine the amount of pent up sexual aggression he has! Jesus!!!

RealJamesR 1450 days ago

I mean Middle Linebacker not baseball

RealJamesR 1450 days ago

Tebow looks like he's ready to make the move to MLB.

apellow 1450 days ago

"Odin's beard! Verily he is yoked!" - Thor

JoeMazzarini 1450 days ago

Did someone photoshop a GI Joe arm on that?