iPhone hacker

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iD3vic3Hack3R 1811 days ago

@ when done watch er on youtube to learn how to activate

iD3vic3Hack3R 1811 days ago

you can download tinyumbrella go on advanced uncheck cydia exit download ipsw and shift restore

davidmosco3332 1812 days ago

I have IOS 5 running on my iPod touch right now but my problem is it keeps rebooting every 30 min.

dislaire 1812 days ago

wtf?!? If it's a new feature of iOS 5, well Apple has done good work for once...But it's kinda weird

guweijie 1812 days ago

When will you issue the jailbreak? waiting.......

RagnarDanskj0ld 1813 days ago

Holy christ MuscleNerd. How do you deal with the retard comments?

Zohaibd 1813 days ago


therikoxide 1813 days ago

GET OFF YOUR ASS AND SEARCH! Lazy MFs like you are the ones that piss off the devs! #uLame

thizzinG 1813 days ago

obamapacman 1813 days ago

Yes you can get iOS 5. It's called WAIT UNTIL PUBLIC RELEASE.

kings121 1813 days ago

.......Is there a way i can upgrade to iOS 5 on my iphone 4 without register at apple as a developer??