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All Rep. Weiner jokes aside, today was my 1st zucchini harvest of the year.  Pretty sexy:

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1488 days ago

All Rep. Weiner jokes aside, today was my 1st zucchini harvest of the year. Pretty sexy:


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lalacoolgirl 1398 days ago

Love the way they shimmer.. Very sexy indeed! = )

pearlwise 1463 days ago

Omg, lolol.

ChrissyCarlson2 1483 days ago

tose look like mine.. yum

shaylawoods32 1485 days ago

very sexy... even sexier... you making something edible with them!!!!

Rainey_Bee 1485 days ago

Very sexy

illinoisone 1487 days ago

i pick the one on the right

faecatt 1487 days ago

yummm great for zucchini bread :)))

MargraveArtS 1487 days ago

GREAT!!! - mine has not EVEN flowered - I'm in Wash. state. :)

ZumbaQueenOne 1488 days ago

Nice and shinny! I wanna grow stuff!

LisaSavageGAC 1488 days ago

LMAO Intert Joke here......................! they look lovely Emiliooooooooooooooo

cleskelund73 1488 days ago

Pretty sexy yes, they look yummy Enjoy them. I would love to eat them.

ralphepoo 1488 days ago

next season, grab some while they are still flowers. Roll them in flour and fry them up! I know it sounds crazy but they are delicious!! We have a hard time letting them grow cause the fried flowers are soo... Good!!

Michae1Vincent 1488 days ago

Watcha Mean Pretty Sexy??? haHA, No But For real, Looks Gooood Emilio

necyrox 1488 days ago

so cool of you going green !! are you still playing the ponies?

asunta 1488 days ago

"Nice *googootz" (*is actually the italian slang for zucchini ). Now that's sexy :)

Rhonda1168 1488 days ago

Fried zucchini and zucchini bread are both good.

MyArtisticHome 1488 days ago

Good job. I heard you had a way with hogs :) them zucchini are gorgeous.

MHaladay 1488 days ago

o yeah,in the mix add tomato sauce you can also add ground meat and load the top with more cheese.

MHaladay 1488 days ago

Love zucchini boats :) cut in half, scoop them out and mix with mozz cheese and bake. Yummy :)

hitzavel 1488 days ago

your things are growing BIG!!!