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1706 days ago


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theguyofpaper 1344 days ago

Iwata Wii U, is going to rock E3.

YoungBrownL 1643 days ago


tendobeats 1699 days ago

If this picture doesn't describe as #swag, then I don't know what does.

J_linkash 1705 days ago

Incrível o Wii U, pena que vc só pode usar 1 controle-tablet..isso tira a graça =/

Shadowmax889 1705 days ago

Foto del maestro #Iwata sama presidente de #Nintendo con la nueva consola #WiiU. Comprare una en cuanto salga :)

Ciro_SES 1706 days ago

Nós brasileiros estamos doidos para colocar as mãos nesse console! Mais uma vez a Nintendo mostrou quem manda no pedaço! Parabéns!

JunNascimento 1706 days ago

Krai, tah muito foda! hahahaha. Pirando ake. Mal espero a hora de,poder comprar e usar meu Wii u . *¬*

TheShineMoon 1706 days ago

Coool .. I like it =D good job Mr Iwata ^_-

PersocomLover 1706 days ago

I can haz Wii U? *Drools*

Itapajipi 1706 days ago

ya quiero saber como se usara... *w* #fb

Landrymullins 1706 days ago

Nintendo Representative just confirmed no GameCube support.

aangkai 1706 days ago

Dang!!! That controller is huge! At least it looks bigger here than in the demo vid

subfornails 1706 days ago

Wow... The controller is almost bigger than the console...

KawaiiBoushi 1706 days ago

My 1st thought when I saw this pic: "I want that poster SO BAD!!! Oh, the Wii U is cool too."

nachosabat 1706 days ago

WiiU looks really cool but i'm kind of worried about overheating with such a small console

elfesylvain 1706 days ago

I would pay as much for the Zelda poster as for the Wii U, even if it's thousands, but being ... read by Nintendo President has no price so I don't mind running out of money today.

TeBanKai 1706 days ago

thats so gonna take out the competence, WiiU is like the GREATES IDEA EVER

Dualmask 1706 days ago

That "controller" looks so bulky...but I admit I'm intrigued.

frangarnes 1706 days ago

LOL! First time ever that a console is smaller than its controller. But I want it anyways :D

Koios7 1706 days ago

GC slots? Remember how the current wii works? They're probably under the panel on the front