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Since I lost my "Sketch A Day" book here's a drawing I did this weekend.. Xo.

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2012 days ago

Since I lost my "Sketch A Day" book here's a drawing I did this weekend.. Xo.


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selmabit 1394 days ago

I love this one! By

July_Hurricane 2008 days ago

oh woooow !!! it's my favorite !!!

MariWho_ 2008 days ago

Oh my gosh AGAIN. This is awesome.

Leyla_Valentine 2009 days ago

Very beautiful. Sketch from KatVonD

NinjaaRawrr 2010 days ago

This is AMAZINGG :DDD would make an awesome tattoo as well x

SarahxHazel 2011 days ago

lovely sketch :) you're so talented! x

krazykymmyie 2011 days ago

This is too good. I would love to have something like this. You have a God given talent and I am glad you share with us like you do.

katvondworld 2011 days ago

I love it!I'm so sorry you misplaced your "Sketch A Day" book.I was so used to it.Hope ya'll find it

PravessC 2012 days ago


andreamafer 2012 days ago


andreamafer 2012 days ago

You LOST??? That book was a treasure and had so much soul and feelings, so said! =(

thesophiebobs 2012 days ago

thats gorgeous

Ashleigh_713 2012 days ago

It's awful about the sketchbook, but good thing you'd been putting them here. I saved most, I think.

Photogalinpink 2012 days ago


DEANSCATVAGINA 2012 days ago

You lost it :(

WhistlerComedy 2012 days ago

That is just like what I feel running the Whistler Comedy Festival. http://kck.st/WCtwitt please help

JenniferGenius 2012 days ago

Very smooth Kat! Very smooth.

Favole1987 2012 days ago

you are sooo talented!!really wish I could draw like that!:)

AleksandraLukac 2012 days ago

And this is the one from today! http://twitpic.com/58fk3h I hope you like it!

ggwildlife 2012 days ago

Kat could you do a German Shepherd Portrait with empty scroll please ;))