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Robot builder, modelmaker and television host on Mythbusters.

Eric Haven, the man (and the hand) behind our blueprint drawings. #fromset #Mythbusters

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2297 days ago

Eric Haven, the man (and the hand) behind our blueprint drawings. #fromset #Mythbusters


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Rygarz21 2226 days ago


JOJOnCoffee 2240 days ago


WekerOne 2241 days ago

Wow! good To see who does those!

Talismarr 2242 days ago

Very cool! I always wondered who drew those!

imaelectrogirl 2243 days ago

I always thought Kari drew them. Nice to see the face of the artist now though. o:

ticklishcorpse 2246 days ago

I always wondered about that! Doesn't Kari do some of them?

RuYanda 2263 days ago

Oh.. So he's the one who did them! Awesome!

redman822 2281 days ago

Very cool...I agree with I always thought it was Adam too.

thevenomousone 2286 days ago

Neat! I've always wondered who did those neat blueprint drawings :)

timototje 2290 days ago

finaly i know who it is

Seshat_6 2294 days ago

About dang time!! He's FAB at his job, btw, the drawings really add to the show. I say give Eric some airtime, too! :)

dsbilling 2294 days ago

He's good!

louloubean89 2296 days ago

He's fabulous. I love those drawings.

stephanie2967 2296 days ago

so that's the man behind the hand :) Oh...nice shirt.woot too :)

leoferreyra 2296 days ago

So that's the famous hand...

PolarBear_ 2297 days ago

I did a double take, I thought it was for a second. :P

wolfyhound 2297 days ago

Whoo Eric! Does he still lift weights in the parking lot?

BlitzWing00 2297 days ago

He does cool blueprint. I've always wondered what the announcer looks like too. #mythbusters

urbanreba 2297 days ago

aww thats uber cool.
ive always wondered, but now i know.

mehitabelle 2297 days ago

I was just watching the most recent ep and wondering who was the one who did the drawings. Thanks for the pic!