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Dead guy on LOST now undead on The Vampire Diaries. Still happily contemplating Man's existential dilemma...

So cool!

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1363 days ago

So cool!


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LucianaS0l 1150 days ago

OMG :____ <3

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claudiaslavova 1355 days ago

OMG! How did u find this? xD

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MissAshter 1362 days ago

we use up so much crude oil that scientists have predicted their will be no more of it in less than twenty years! sorry if you already know this x_x wanted to tell someone!

Cali4naRizing 1362 days ago

by the way ian somerhalder, where did you find this anyway.

Cali4naRizing 1362 days ago

we have to remind people, we can make a difference step by step, but will get there.

Cali4naRizing 1362 days ago

great example of that power, atleast its not going to waste, we just have to educate people.

Cali4naRizing 1362 days ago

Oo, that is cool, sometimes we have 2 take power into our own hands & do something good with it.

7phanie 1362 days ago

Nous n'avons pas ce type de proposition en France ... c'est bien dommage :(
Nous avons un système de recyclage des déchets spécifiques but that's all ...

RubyRed_0704 1362 days ago

this is really great!

kikategani 1363 days ago

Aawesome Ian! Thanks for sharing! :)

evamckenna 1363 days ago

Hey, my new landlord is working on this project!

mylobster27 1363 days ago

Pretty awesome, thumbs up

Bebeknows 1363 days ago

Wow, research is certainly helping, more funds for science and research.

tweet_widow 1363 days ago

Our local bus company in ayrshire, Scotland uses bio diesel buses and has done for 2 or 3 years

TheHopeWillBe 1363 days ago

if u want to save planet, need more investment on electric cars.70 gallons biodiesel=+/-1352 pounds CO2

RoTurco 1363 days ago

wish it was so everywhere...

Gwadamout 1363 days ago

yeah is a good news for our planet :) i like that <3