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2547 days ago


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reneerobbins 2546 days ago

Dude, you totally need to turn this in to FAIL Blog. It's awesome!

VANESSAhok 2546 days ago

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! oh, it did take me a minute to get it..but oh my, underneath isn't even spelled correctly! oh, that's classic! best cake ever..

elizgelder 2546 days ago

bahahahaha that kills me

hermitudinous 2546 days ago

Wow. Just. Wow.

calebdehart 2546 days ago

HAHAHAHA!! That totally made my day...wow.

marcyj 2546 days ago

BAHAHAHA! Well, at least Suzanne will probably never forget this going away party!

mjholder 2547 days ago

This makes my day...hilarious!

KitPalmer 2547 days ago

That's funny exclamation mark sometimes people open parentheses and dictation software close parentheses take dictation too literally period and they don't always spel things correctly either exclamation mark

queenofgrey 2547 days ago

Check out http://www.cakewrecks.com. No, really. Go now.

erindiane 2547 days ago

haha that was the best!! And the fact that they didn't even spell Neath right.