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My big, hairy babies.....

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1711 days ago

My big, hairy babies.....


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Cobolz01 1362 days ago

they are so beautiful and very funny

atdiana77 1678 days ago

smart pic. number plate strike through.

UnikVictoria 1700 days ago

Must be Love...:)

camillatebutt 1708 days ago

Much more appealing than an electric blanket but are they ergonomic??

kezia_noble 1708 days ago


paulejcotter 1710 days ago

Animal lover alert !!BIG TIME easy to tell the brown one apart ; )

atdiana77 1711 days ago

5MIB'S for MI5 dog squad- Driving Miss Daisy, crazy.

atdiana77 1711 days ago

MIB5, i.e. Men in Black/Brown suit

happykiwi_nz 1711 days ago

Seriously, do you ever pinch yourself at how awesome your life is? Gorgeous menagerie!

claudeMyjournal 1711 days ago

5? these one are lucky to be dogs in this life. : )

cmaxter 1711 days ago

Hey Lab's! Let's go swimming!! Aww maannn I'm jealous( :

nafihummer 1711 days ago


atdiana77 1711 days ago

Hi,! give me High Five!. going for screen test, so many Body double for Scooby Do role.
I see pug mark on seat ,are they naughty?. hope Animal Rights not violated. for PETA will chase U.

APindigo 1711 days ago

Awh, they look gorgeous. Am hoping to get my own lab once my part time school hours are sorted as love to run, be outdoors and have 8yr son.

ToobaZafer 1711 days ago

Hurleys such a big family full of surprises 4m Elizabeth,Ping Pong, Sebastian,Dogs,sheep...etc are all unique of its kind.

Laid_Evil_Bitch 1711 days ago

Such a bunch of cute kids. They are very adorable and look like they are all very playful.

captain_spastic 1711 days ago

I hope this is the cast of a porn film that Liz is making.

KillerParrot 1711 days ago

Is that a chocolate lab or a German Shorthaired Pointer?

leetos 1711 days ago

Ready for The Hunt.