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Best Sign at the Sydney #SayYesAus rally today #auspol

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1636 days ago

Best Sign at the Sydney #SayYesAus rally today #auspol


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___jon 1610 days ago

well... you can always take an economics class.

NOCO2TX 1634 days ago

Carbon Pricing = Carbon Communism

jeremy_marshall 1634 days ago

Debunked (and not even CLOSE to the mark you retard):

Stick to arts degrees.

devenyisamole 1635 days ago

Pretentious little gay wanker!

NOCO2TX 1635 days ago


hartlodTM 1635 days ago

CO2 isn't (carbon) pollution, CTax-> +employment costs. Compensation! CTax-> +Bureaucracy & +unemployment! Practical 'clean' would be '+value' w/o Ctax now! (4) needs take his own advice.

Tadlette 1636 days ago

Point Four bitches!