andy clemmensen


Im the greatest dancer you will ever see. . why arent I on so you think you can dance? Because I know i can dance. . .

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amyelizabetth 2191 days ago

Oh daymmmmm.

HeyItsDaisy 2267 days ago

Annnndy. You're the sex. K have this photo on my phone and my friend cropped it so it was just your undies and whats inside :) and set it as my wallpaper and i was like //drool. Love you andy :)

lisascittleclem 2267 days ago


sarahjoan__ 2267 days ago

now aint he beautiful ;)

GazelleLegs_ 2305 days ago

tap that ;)

hot_suspenders 2317 days ago

hot as pikie! hahaha nice sox!

sasHAHAH 2329 days ago

no kisses yet?

yelyahkyahh 2332 days ago

haha this is my phome background its fucking sexy :D

brige_stack 2335 days ago

who couldn't like that photo. showed it to friends and they didnt like short stack before now they love you guys cause you r hot

brige_stack 2335 days ago

WHOA! andy OMG. that is like the hottest pic i have ever seen of any1. u should b a model. you'll come 1st of course

MelLovesBradie 2336 days ago


xSHANxsstack 2338 days ago

Wow lol hot xo ily

BrookeGAF 2339 days ago

hellloooooooooohmygod. ;D xx

SuperSharna 2340 days ago

Someone got a boner haha i kid (: loving you Andy :D x

love4andy 2340 days ago

you are so fukn sxc this one is deffo gonna be my wallpaper (: ily xx

madifrancisxx 2341 days ago

haha my friend took this pic into school and i said we should put it on the back of a toilet door at school o evry one could see how sexy u r but some year 10 took it of lol

AllTimeMatisse 2341 days ago


lilstar_hotpink 2346 days ago

take off your...........................................sox!

1Derstruck_S 2347 days ago

yum yum yum! xxx

sexmakescats 2348 days ago

yumm (: