I used to be a waiter. Now I make videos.


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1640 days ago



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realcubiksrube 1638 days ago

oh oh hardcore sun exposure

nightowlnana 1639 days ago

It's too much....................hair, that is!

Wstifan7 1639 days ago

If only all the clones were this sexy!!

GeneticAnomaly 1640 days ago

Oh! Hey Sexy Clone, hows it going?

Leevi23 1640 days ago

i think i'm in love with you.

MeganOliverz 1640 days ago


cindyreddeer 1640 days ago

Sexy clone needs some spray tan to get rid of the farmers tan. ;-)

MrDrElectricon 1640 days ago

Oh Hai Sexy Clone. I see Craig found you.

ZGHardbodies 1640 days ago

I can make this my computer's background, right?

MoyWilliams 1640 days ago

The pillow looks like a boob.

UlfVinr 1640 days ago

Oh, my.... Is that Sexy Clone? Because, well - WOOF!

zhsy00001 1640 days ago

My eyes!!!

Daltonhof 1640 days ago

who took that picture?

SwedishCheese 1640 days ago

So hot I can't take it! *eyes exploding*

klanko64 1640 days ago

I find this picture easy to masturbate to.

Tadzo279 1640 days ago

Has sexy clone been giving you lessons? If it was sexy clone there no be no belly button!

jolvlogs 1640 days ago

Is Sexy Clone doing a photo shoot?

kairumba 1640 days ago

added to my porn folder

bajofoco 1640 days ago

is wrong if this gave me a boner?

sammywoose 1640 days ago

seriously wheezy. you cant pull it off like sexy clone can. we know its you cos sexy clone would never wear those shorts