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...for the heart is an organ of fire...

DAY 49. 

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1487 days ago

DAY 49.


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aircooledtx 1486 days ago

Nightwish~~~~~I thought of what to see into the eyes

katvondworld 1486 days ago

I love when you sketch eyes... these are my favorite part on human body too. I love drawing 'em! <3

scotthunt1973 1486 days ago

thats what i suffer from

selmabit 1487 days ago

"You love to pass your time Looking for ways to play the thorn in my side It's deju vu one more time... Has never seen my lonely misery A victim of romanticide, that's me" Tal Bachman

Rikerickson 1487 days ago

Good eye!

zuccasuess 1487 days ago

Just W♥W :)

nightmares_lady 1487 days ago

Awesome *-*

BurialGown 1487 days ago

Romanticide ... Also my fav song from Nightwish ;)

rhymeswithtoses 1487 days ago

Even your simplest sketches amaze me. Teach me your ways!!!

razormuse 1487 days ago

Im amazed at everyone of them. Loving the detail.

sarah_almond 1487 days ago

eye like it.

Stagendogs 1487 days ago


_d0w_ 1487 days ago


heartagramed 1487 days ago

are you mental?

Dirrtydiva99 1487 days ago

wow truly amazing!!

HugSlut_ 1487 days ago

omg who drew that?