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Here's the deal. Larry the Dog wants the rope...

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2086 days ago

Here's the deal. Larry the Dog wants the rope...


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obxWaveGirl 2078 days ago

WOW! Look at the love he has for you in his eyes. What a cutie. Me thinks he is spoiled rotton

snatchinweaves 2082 days ago

Awwww! Larry looks like he means business, haha. :D

reddji 2083 days ago

أظن أن الكلب كان يوريد المساعدة

cathiperez 2086 days ago

awwwww!!!!! :D

raisanette 2086 days ago

Let's take a moment to appreciate the fact that looks can't kill.

JSAnnMargretFan 2086 days ago

Reading Larry's mind - "please choose Jimmy Short & Markcurtis Otani to meet you at the Sacramento show!'

plontzy 2086 days ago

Shouldn't he be out selling insurance?

Colourless_Tom 2086 days ago

ooooooh what a cute doggy!!!!!

ahmetozdemir86 2086 days ago

oohhh yehh dog :P

vitoriabeatriz9 2086 days ago

ouuuunt *-*

3pines 2086 days ago

Absolutely adorable!

mokinbird01 2086 days ago

he only wants it 'cause u do too.

HoboRobot 2086 days ago

Hey, I remember when you adopted Larry, after you lost your older dog. This guy's right at home now

mmcclure4308 2086 days ago

So cute! Love it!

closetdream 2086 days ago

OMG! So sweet face! ;D

Mendy_H 2086 days ago

Look at that sweet face. I have a feeling he's gonna win this battle. :)

CRSearle 2086 days ago

Listen lady, I get that you're famous, but the rope is MINE!

Jenniferriffic 2086 days ago

Larry is a handsome fellow. :D

mojocrazyy 2086 days ago