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Look how close we look. I need a haircut

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2301 days ago

Look how close we look. I need a haircut


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MayaRockett 1549 days ago

You Shouldnt have got a haircut.... Poof hair is awsome

JiffUtara 1714 days ago

Nearly be like a wolf man, nice

BiancaBanca7 2122 days ago

Hahaha! You're adorable >_<

purpletuce 2178 days ago

your right,you do look like KevJumba XD

MeekaCo 2179 days ago

that's the funniest thing ever

lorin1232 2182 days ago

uhh plastic spoons?

CeeCubed 2183 days ago

Wow! Very Wolverine...! =p

danie_onigiri 2183 days ago

you look like a cute version of Wolverine XD

brandonaliwarga 2184 days ago

the left guy looks so fake >.>
The right guy is the real WOLVERINE!!!

EveNing89 2184 days ago

still one of my fave comparisons!

arsyparsy 2184 days ago

ahha ngaaaw

MMichiko 2184 days ago

lol oh gosh.

aggys 2184 days ago

LOL. Love wolverine

MyMartian 2287 days ago

are those chopsticks kev? hahaha

caseYv9 2288 days ago

haha. nice :)

dakar45 2292 days ago

U just need a tan and u look like twins lol

sunlvkissed 2295 days ago

are you holding pens ?? LOLLL

OneSongOnHigh 2295 days ago


vee_am 2297 days ago

How'd you do that! :O

DBSK_LOVEx 2297 days ago

ROFLMAO at the sharpie-inspired goatee!