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These are Evil & Good weapons I created for DoomWood: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yaogzm2OjbI

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1186 days ago

These are Evil & Good weapons I created for DoomWood: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yaogzm2OjbI


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Dominiczxs 1047 days ago

plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss where can i find this two im just a new user

DeuCe_XD 1181 days ago

Awsome you get that at the monster creation right??

XhyroneAE 1184 days ago

Both artist are good,but Nulgath can do stuff as he is being told while Dage (As I understand) use images to compare too... But Nulgath got 10 years Experience so.. Both are really good though

SimplyAwsum 1184 days ago

Ewww. The Good one looks like an alien latched itself onto the hilt. What's with the strange eye-thing?

Tooterser 1185 days ago


ItzJuztMeJake 1185 days ago

hey man can u make an armor to fit with the good one plzz i beg u

Rewind_TimeAQW 1185 days ago

Dage copies and changes WoW items, but its okay because they're not breaking copywright

1ob1_AQW 1185 days ago

The shading on the evil looks as if you traced the bitmap. This is why you're the best!

Quintenii_AE 1185 days ago

Nice work, did u do that without stopping? O_O im impressed...

CivilAE 1185 days ago

Evil one Kinda lookz like D-blade, Be perfect to combined these to and wat ever else for nother Nul ite

ultrawow66 1185 days ago

One of the best lately.

orihime_51AE 1185 days ago

milt/nulgath will always be the best

TheDracoSlayer 1185 days ago

dude shut up how the hell is Dage "stealing stuff"???? Nulgath may have cool stuff but dage is way more detailed, Nulgath draws simply. They're both brilliant artists.

AEJackPay 1185 days ago

i like the blade, the weapon is jsut too long meanwhile the blade is too short. I'm not sure about in game size though

AEJackPay 1185 days ago

people who sayDage is better, well Dage just stealing stuff around meanwhile Nulgath at least "create" stuff

KingSoulVI 1186 days ago

Aldo please don't steal my "just giving my opinions".

NehemiahTheVamp 1186 days ago

Well to be honest it's good, I guess? But it's not my style.

QuestionMarkII 1186 days ago

Well, on almost every other piece of art he uploads, apart from the recent Doomwood art, he's captioned it "just made this, it's awesome". Which is pretty egotistical IMO.

KingSoulVI 1186 days ago

Zoroua, when you say the things you say he still makes better art then you. Stop trying to act cool by "fail trolling" a mod. All you did was such up to mods because you hacked Milt/Nulgath items.

LightningZor 1186 days ago

im just giving out my own opinion dumb head