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Here's an armor I made for DoomWood:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUaDog-hDhg

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1973 days ago

Here's an armor I made for DoomWood: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUaDog-hDhg


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thisguy1324 1566 days ago

um why was this never realesed.....

SimplyAwsum 1971 days ago

Ooh. Half naked skeletons. Parent supervision advised.

Necarmor 1971 days ago

Good work ;D wish I know how to draw, I am ur great fan ;D Can you take a look at my skull ? http://twitpic.com/53njsd

Lord_Nooberator 1972 days ago

wipe the dirt off ya shoulder man.......... lol

ultrawow66 1972 days ago

too much bones

Raaret 1973 days ago

I'll cry, this one won't be on Doomwood as it was on quibble *goes to cry in a corner*

ZeoKnight_AQW 1973 days ago


_WhiteChild_ 1973 days ago

The best from quibble! Your items are the best. Are you planning to add something to juggernaut quest?

Zorfinity 1973 days ago

not bad dont like the helm

guiltius 1973 days ago

nulgath this reminds me strangely of the "aliens" in the movie pandorum....but yours are cooler :)

VampireMax 1973 days ago

It always fascinates me how long u can keep goin! U just add and remove till u find the PERFECT look ^,..,^ good job Nulgath! When is there goin to come more for the Nulgath zone? :P

SilverRodri 1973 days ago


Pr0cr4stinat0r 1973 days ago

That badge kinda reminds me of Thundercats.. it's probably the color

blackice709 1973 days ago

Nice :_)

Blakyre 1973 days ago

Looks like you tried a new style of shading bones, still, I missed your items from 2008. :L