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Official Riker Lynch Twitter. I sing and slappada bass in R5! :D Oh and I play Jeff on the TV show Glee!


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Janellie322 1624 days ago


valerii007 1635 days ago

captain riker!!!!!!!

FoundHufflepuff 1639 days ago

Darren had better see this!

gottalovesugoi 1639 days ago

Haha. Nice one~

Angelica9714 1640 days ago

Love that! Haha!

DFTBAStarkids 1640 days ago

FSchmeisser 1640 days ago

Got to love these glasses on this YT vid http://youtu.be/KQ6zr6kCPj8

jenfest 1640 days ago

i think this just made my entire year. :) this is just way too awesome!! :D <3 <3

FSchmeisser 1640 days ago

Move over Elton John, Riker Lynch is taking over.

KatieLovesKurt 1640 days ago

Haha those sunglasses are also in the same picture you took with me :) thanks again for that!!!

MsHannahMarlene 1641 days ago

Lol I love how your so crazy

KR_KNIGHT2005 1641 days ago

Seems like should be around to sport those HUGE glasses! haha love the pic!

Basilina 1641 days ago

epic. i need to go check out my target now to see it they're there...

DanielAzevedp 1641 days ago

Incredible ... not enough ... no words is really funny

starkidforlife 1641 days ago

totally awesome! the store worker, and the lady behind the store worker are looking like "what?" hahaha

CherriBerry2009 1641 days ago

Hahaha That's so awesome :]

DragonCuddler 1641 days ago

Wearing them LIKE A BOSS! :D

MshaaaaR5 1641 days ago

cool!!!! happy <36 day!!!!

mimiannax3 1641 days ago

totally awesome :) <3

Nadia_an 1641 days ago

Awesome! =)