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Two-time Emmy award and Grammy award-winning comedian. Coming to a city near YOU! For ticket info and to purchase tickets, click on the link above.

Ok Kath-eters, u fill in the caption @Mikeruiz1 is doing what to me?...

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1714 days ago

Ok Kath-eters, u fill in the caption is doing what to me?...


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thestungunner 1712 days ago

"Yeah, I tapped that"

CynicalHippie 1712 days ago

He's making love to you the way Tom Cruise would. From behind, picturing a buff man named Mike.

artifact48 1712 days ago

Sorry if I "pec-ed" on you!

dwwba 1713 days ago

Look mine are bigger than hers

raisanette 1713 days ago

Trying to sell that shirt for more than the $2 it's going for now that U had it on.

consciouswords 1713 days ago

He's giving you nipple Reiki.

StephenBelt1 1713 days ago

He is pointing out on the shirt his next move on you!

miketheknife007 1713 days ago

"Look everybody it's Carrot Top's little sister". --

SarahEsparza 1714 days ago

He's pointing out his chesticles on the shirt!

romaniju 1714 days ago

Well you look F*%&@ HOT so I guess he is covering your hot body

oecanthinae 1714 days ago

Mikeruiz1 points out the beast in the belly of the beast -- or is that an ad for an upcoming baby bump by the baby daddy????

elyse_chung 1714 days ago

kathy your face takes makeup so well! you can literally change into ANY look! #victoriabeckhamwho?

jimrcottage 1714 days ago

By the way you body is deinitely at the top of the AAA list!

jimrcottage 1714 days ago

Mike us making several points all at the same time!

Vanessa_Gamez 1714 days ago

marry me! It will be a good publicity stunt!

RexGreeley 1714 days ago

He's pointing at yer tits silly! ;)

KylierocksUSA 1714 days ago

you have very sexy legs , and all the rest of you go's well to add to the package "WOW"

TonyLaRosa 1714 days ago

"see, this is what a defective blow-up doll looks like everybody"

Sweet_T_Libra 1714 days ago

See! Training bra's CAN be worn by adults!

TheSpinDoctor 1714 days ago

...instructing you on the fine art of 't-shirt ripping' which will make you even more popular.