Naya Rivera


Amazing show tonight! On the bus now reading the sweetest fan letter! #omglee

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1797 days ago

Amazing show tonight! On the bus now reading the sweetest fan letter! #omglee


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nayasmorris 1632 days ago

Does anyone here know her fanmail?? i dont have it and i would LOVE to send her a letter :) pleaseeeee♥

G_listerL 1786 days ago

Totally agree with it, Santana the role of a good message "Let the person out there inside of you, because the one who loves you, loves you as you are, no matter what you are, what matters is who you are"

aline_vk_ 1793 days ago

Totally agree with it.. She's so lucky, that you made her letter as the sweetest fan letter.. :/

NayaRiveraBoow 1795 days ago

I wish i can send u a letter since i'll never get the chance to meet u :/
An adress is need it!

dancelikeheya 1796 days ago

sooo sweet, I agree with every word of it!

milou95 1796 days ago

aw that's a cute letter <3 love u Naya and the girl who wrote this letter is clearly right your are a really talented woman <3

Virr_JBX2 1796 days ago

It is very sweet ! I love u NAYA :)♥.

LavaValentina 1796 days ago

love u naya ,....

CamilaRoses 1796 days ago

The letter is absolutely beautiful

donatelo14 1796 days ago

Fully agree with everything the letter says! Thank you Naya!

Synnie1304 1796 days ago

just so amazing :)

Lucy_Starlg3 1796 days ago

I agree! :) Even thought i am out, i think shows like Glee & Grey's help so many people. x

jeannerzzz 1797 days ago

so sweet! naya you are amazing. :)

BBgeeky 1797 days ago

I'm gay, but I still wasn't a fan of the lesbian Santana storyline. Until now. Thank you, Naya!

Amii_Johnson 1797 days ago

100% sure that you've made this girl extremely happy tonight :')

elesAmaro 1797 days ago

Amazing!! & Real!! In Mexico City many people love you!! Come to Mexico, you & the show. Good Night

KimmehMore 1797 days ago

my creys :'( I love naya so much.. never felt like this before with the other artists. although I've been a fan of katyperry in 3yrs. but its diff. w/ naya

WithinEvening 1797 days ago

Absolutely certain you've made the writer of this the happiest girl in the world tonight.

Maffy1019 1797 days ago

I want to send her (Naya) a thousand letters.

gabssvieira 1797 days ago

i'm crying, i'm so jealous. anyway you deserve all this love, bee. WE LOVE YOU