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I wanna know what happens when you flip THIS switch...

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1136 days ago

I wanna know what happens when you flip THIS switch...


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Shirley_86_ 1134 days ago

the mechanic wasnt sure: Whats this for? - Uh i dont know... And this switch? - I dont know either.

Shirley_86_ 1134 days ago

the mechanic standing next to him: shall we just put ? on both swithes? - damn thats an awesome idea!

Paki_loveHIM 1135 days ago

que el asiento sale disparado XD

TomHokage 1135 days ago

Do you want to spend the rest of your life wondering ?

vinnie_gutterz 1135 days ago

Just do it!! Live on the edge!

martinbassett 1135 days ago

It activates the 'Flux Capacitor'. It's only that which makes time travel possible.

sallieannatkins 1135 days ago

Hum....I dunno but I wouldnt be able to stop myself from flipping it to see lol

austinlowpeez 1136 days ago

the rapture

twitturgate 1136 days ago

Salma Hayek shows up at my door

Tikifan1 1136 days ago

That button does this ----->>>>> http://whyfiles.org/186ed_teller/images/grable.jpg

EzWierdaxXx 1136 days ago

on the westcoast chopper 007 boat?

Shirley_86_ 1136 days ago

It turns into the "flying" car from Men in Black?!! So you'd be riding the top of the tunnel!

EzWierdaxXx 1136 days ago


_caju 1136 days ago

Something like "Fast and Furious" nitrogen...? Try it and let us know.

Aster_Rose89 1136 days ago

it turns into a spanish one...?

scarlet_withers 1136 days ago

idk flip it lolz c wat happenz

jendolittle 1136 days ago

what about the one next to it?

cacussiol 1136 days ago

a switch with a "?" on it ? hahaahah you gotta flip ! hahaahha

StuartBoothyay 1136 days ago

do it for the lols

jackgallowtree 1136 days ago