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...for the heart is an organ of fire...

DAY 47. 

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1710 days ago

DAY 47.


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__shaina 1703 days ago

recent sketch of the day :) >>> http://twitpic.com/5798k6

__shaina 1703 days ago

You're amazing btw!! You inspire me so much. I'm an aspiring tattoo artist haha. check out my most

__shaina 1703 days ago

I really wanna know, do u do all ur daily sketches straight outta ur imagination? or do u use reference pictures?

Eve2mourn 1708 days ago

and this is another stunning example of why you tattoo so well.. just have to have the drawing foundations...its beautiful

1spartist 1709 days ago

Mystery in the eyes

EzWierdaxXx 1710 days ago

Bjork! waaanderlust....very nice!

Zenkipduss 1710 days ago

YeAy!!! <3

68astaroth91 1710 days ago

sooooo good!

AleksandraLukac 1710 days ago

wonderful! It's exactly her! Here's mine for today: http://twitpic.com/561rc4 Hope you like it! :)

katvondworld 1710 days ago

amazing... *__*

samjeffs1 1710 days ago

Love it! I keep following ur sketches but gotta say this one made me wow :)

aircooledtx 1710 days ago

Very nice,, Eyes just touch the soul.

ladyvicious13 1710 days ago

Esa chika me facina Bjork! Bravo bravo its fabulous!

BlackPoison17 1710 days ago


FlorPopla 1710 days ago

I really love it. it's excellent

mick_mick_ 1710 days ago

This is really pretty. It looks like it has peacock feathers. :)

UniqueDrug 1710 days ago

oh its great. so beautiful ♥♥♥

CynthiaS94 1710 days ago


Rafaela_Sanders 1710 days ago

Amazing.. I would like to know how to draw well like this.

LoloM97 1710 days ago

that's so great...reminds me of Bjork