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Oscars first swing....check out the the fog!!

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1822 days ago

Oscars first swing....check out the the fog!!


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JoHindle435 1762 days ago

His first "Hole-in-one" can't be far away.....keep practicing Oscar.

CristinaGonza37 1765 days ago

Love his hair !!

StarkAnthonyJr 1798 days ago the style...uahauhaahua

raywolvie 1819 days ago

he's a fashion boy! let him with those glasses...hauahauahu

star_girl_love 1819 days ago

wow! was better than mine...

ladyliri 1820 days ago

is he left handed?

ladyliri 1820 days ago

cool pic! liked his possition! :)

MaryRayns 1821 days ago


Tamarama68 1821 days ago

main thing ... looking cool :-)))

vejmite 1822 days ago

haha..stylish player...:)

Farmeramina35 1822 days ago

Well......he's prepared when sun comes out.....what's wrong on that???;-)

Time_Hound 1822 days ago

My goodness look at how much he's grown! Cuts down on the glare caused by fog.

Crissou73 1822 days ago

He succeeded in thick fog with his sunglasses ! Bravo Oscar, excellent ! he is too cute :)

harleenDrakeCas 1822 days ago

amazing!! He's a great player!

jessied44 1822 days ago

Truly enjoy when you share events with the family. It looks as if they had a great time.

HughJfanuruguay 1822 days ago

Oscar look good ;)

MargieMcKL 1822 days ago

Tell him it's easier to swing AT the ball, not behind. LOL.

SophalMiracle 1822 days ago

Oscar's dream to swing on the Green! First swing is to test his inner strength. Luv 2swing!

ali_art106 1822 days ago

Definately need the glasses...they give him the 'look'. That's first...then work on the game.....

CRISSLVE 1822 days ago

awwww adorable!!!