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Skyrim all done on the Figueroa. Can't wait to see in person.

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1797 days ago

Skyrim all done on the Figueroa. Can't wait to see in person.


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Lugoves 1797 days ago


Orubechi 1797 days ago


sravan953 1797 days ago

How awesome is this! Wow! #Skyrim

BillyJaden 1797 days ago


Schr0 1797 days ago

:O... If there will be a collectors edition, I'll buy it with the force of an angry god.

Illustrilous 1797 days ago

man, that's more than awesome!

whalewdolphin 1797 days ago

Holy man that's amazing!

percy_scutter 1797 days ago

Nice, note to self; get bigger bedroom wall and move back into parents garage...

pas0o 1797 days ago

thats amazing *-* just like the game will be

Noahconstricto 1797 days ago

Not even this giant picture can express my excitement for the release of the best game ever!

jillowar 1797 days ago

: pees pants:

JoshDMWilliams 1797 days ago

whhhaatt....that is the coolest thing I have ever seen.

Gerben18 1797 days ago

freaking awesome!

SynGamer 1797 days ago

That is awesome...

UNbeautyFOOL 1797 days ago

Awesome (°O°)/

Seboss 1797 days ago

Stop blowing the budget on advertisment and make sure to get decent writers and animators, thank you.

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donlopez 1797 days ago

OMG! CAN'T WAIT FOR 11.11.11!!!

kylemoates 1797 days ago

Really would like to have a poster that looked liked that for my room!

edomaehaniwa 1797 days ago