Tom Daley


I'm not a swimmer! I'm a diver!!! Haha

At the BBQ :P

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1910 days ago

At the BBQ :P


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mollydollyanker 1905 days ago

omfggggggggg why are you so amainggg!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

IzzieeHarris 1906 days ago

Pro ♥

GCumpsty 1907 days ago

Tom, u really are INCREDIBLE!!! :)

ohheysophie_ 1907 days ago

just chilling? ;) <3

lydiadav 1909 days ago


IrenaPhilha94 1909 days ago

Wow... how cool is that :)

DRemnant 1909 days ago

doesnt look much of a bbq lol u show off haha

corieen_xoxo 1909 days ago

Skills! You're so fit. XxxxxxxxxxxxxXxx please follow meeee!

Babbacombefan 1909 days ago

Idyllic place for a BBQ! Nice pic. :)

Jon0367 1910 days ago

So it IS true. There is no place that is safe from your handstands.

Lupita_Nieblas 1910 days ago

Omg! :)

ZoeLucyOwen 1910 days ago

Gosh, I could so do that?! :p
your awesome! <3 :D

Lowie192 1910 days ago

Tom at his finest! :')

Ulyssessilveira 1910 days ago

It seems so easy! rs

MattyMoo1 1910 days ago

If you fall down and break your legs don't come running to me young man!

MaddyPriestley 1910 days ago

I'm in love

scrotieboy 1910 days ago

see your loss hasn't effected your outlook.

ashstephen 1910 days ago

getting down from that......

EbonyRae_ 1910 days ago

Wicked !!! Watch you don't slip on those wet rock ;P

biglovefor1d 1910 days ago

show off ;) i can so totally do that haha xxx