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I make stuff, actually I make up stuff, stories mostly, collaborations of thoughts, dreams, and actions. Thats me.

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ArtistiquePhoto 1488 days ago

Outch.... !

LeiroLeiro 2019 days ago


evy_paiva 2041 days ago

What's this? Ah I know, you decided to play GTA on the streets....I am kidding :-)

ohchockiss 2041 days ago

aaww damn! i just got my license too!!!!!!!!hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

ginnie_joey 2053 days ago


ariayumi 2053 days ago

it seems like u r a nice driver, huh

kiwi_dude 2087 days ago


absolully 2125 days ago

i can't believe it!!is your car? i hope no!!

AcidBurn111 2137 days ago

Somebody KILLED that nice ride... :(

kissa_str 2143 days ago


justinfan20 2156 days ago

what happened

soraya_souza72 2169 days ago

hmmm, not good

cheeky1996 2172 days ago


janeypoo1776 2176 days ago

damn! what happened?

tom69munich 2187 days ago

Crash.Are you ok?

AlPowellPhotog 2196 days ago

Cobb county, Georgia? I kinda doubt that it is Ashton's car. ;)

irolnna 2207 days ago

WOW, now thats a real "kick in the ass"!

alicianicole4 2215 days ago

Hey .. thats a georgia tag!! were you in GA?

bubblyjaxs 2216 days ago

Holy bejesus batman! what happened to your car?

knochenkoile 2216 days ago

O.o omg >.