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What a loser...

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2016 days ago

What a loser...


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cfmcookie 2015 days ago

Watch out, Batman...there's a new Penguin in town!

daisy_d64 2015 days ago

You shoulda wore that "protective" gear to #paintball!

barbwyre1 2016 days ago

Fortunately this humiliation will never be made public. Oh...never mind.

Vie77 2016 days ago

OMG I just realised he went out in public like that!!!!!

7Skitty 2016 days ago


iluvDCyes 2016 days ago

Andrew, you are NUTS

celticsfaninNH 2016 days ago

OMG, I haven't been on twitter most of the weekend and this is the first picture I see! LMAO Andrew!!

jennykeev 2016 days ago

Andrew! Hahahaha!!! Perfect. Love it! :) Thanks for the laugh Andy!

N89spirit 2016 days ago

Hahaha OMG !! Thanks for the hard laughing :D

beautyinarose 2016 days ago

HAHAHAHHA.. I can't stop laugh.. HAHAHAHHA

I_am_Serenity 2016 days ago god. O.o LOL Oh Andrew...

CookIng_ 2016 days ago

haha! his face....

Jo_DCFan4life 2016 days ago

LMAO! OMG I had to pull the car over cus I was laughing so hard!

gmarn17 2016 days ago

LMAO......Suits u..LOL