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Feels better bein' naked in it

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2092 days ago

Feels better bein' naked in it


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Lisflora 2057 days ago

hmm ... with these three things can make a party

LizzeyBethKing 2089 days ago

You got my hopes up.. I "Feels better bein' naked in it" I thought you might be naked... Pull your finger out and get you kegs off?

YasminLowe 2091 days ago

And why there is no picture with you and your preference?

call_me_a_dream 2092 days ago

naked cowboy, it's cool: DDD
No Ian Somerhalder can not be compared with u! C:
You're the best!I'm excited about u)

lisa2307 2092 days ago

Hahaha =)

dtbama 2092 days ago

That's funny

OutInTheAether 2092 days ago

Thank you for that imagery! ;)

bondgirl1126 2092 days ago

definite tease! love the ck and the boots! :)

1Team_Derek 2092 days ago

lol calvin klein! but yes i agree u are a tease

maddiemad7 2092 days ago

ok thats it, now... where are YOU??? NAKEEEED?!!!:D loool

aminazeeshan 2092 days ago

Jus wana say dat i luv u a lot :-)

CqCV 2092 days ago

You are such a tease!! :)

mylobster27 2092 days ago

The Pagan cowboy is quite a twitter-tease. If the boots fit...

par995 2092 days ago

lucky UK!

AdrianaWeronika 2092 days ago

True Cowboy! #Pagancowboy :)

AlexandraNicha 2092 days ago

You're definitely right! LOL. Just kidding. ♡

lozloo 2092 days ago

LIke it!!! u make me laugh :D xx

clairegrr 2092 days ago

Surely it'd feel better being completely naked? but love the hat and boots, ha

patrycjabog 2092 days ago

wow!! CK cowboy!

ISF_EmilyH 2092 days ago

I like it!! <3