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1056 days ago


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JamesCrichton 1054 days ago

Spoiler - Just from this picture, I can tell one crucial detail of the new series: It will be good!

_sherlock221b 1055 days ago

Oh dear the sandwich looks awesome, but you're such a tease. Cheeky've just stirred up more S/J <3

cumberbitch1 1055 days ago

*Very loudly squels* I HAVE SEEN THE SHERLOCK SCRIPT.......lmao. that from speedy's ? ;P

inkysweet 1055 days ago

Love the composition: Look at all the triangles & repeating vertical lines! So much tension! :D

annathemoony 1055 days ago

I have never hated a sandwich more than I do right now.

adubs132 1056 days ago

Why yes, I do believe that is a ham sandwich. Or perhaps it's roast beef?

Lionesskeeper 1056 days ago

*Ignores strategically placed 'Sherlock' script* Is that a ham sandwich?

ClaraLamora 1056 days ago

Moffat is the one who trolls us, you are our saviour! You cannot do this to us!

Millagro77 1056 days ago

Любите дразнить? ))) Приятного аппетита...

mgarcia 1056 days ago

Sherlock under a sandwich! You're a teasing bastard. And your tea turned out to be better than mine.

lolagranolacan 1056 days ago

That is bloody awesome! Can't wait for the new series.

Dreadcookie 1056 days ago

Ah! My god! I'm so happy to see that paper! =) Sorry to hear you got trapped on the train though. Trains are evil sometimes... Enjoy your meal!

flhcat 1056 days ago

Happy that you finally got something to eat. Happier that this is posted on #Sherlock S2/Blk1-D12.

aysusayin 1056 days ago

good meal :) it seems delicious

steviebug 1056 days ago

That script looks awfully pristine ... too hungry to study?

Arjata 1056 days ago

*performing the dance of joy on top of a table, featuring tanbourine and confetti* so, no cannibalism today then?

LHart907 1056 days ago

why must you torment us so?

GrayEuk 1056 days ago

You tease!

belpita 1056 days ago

Aw, I'm glad you finally got something to eat! Wouldn't want you to pass out on that train from hell.

Lulobakes 1056 days ago

Tut Tut Mr Gatiss white bread! That won't keep you regular now will it :)