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Actor, Producer, Winner ... Anger Management Premieres June 28th, 9pm on FX

Yes you will!!
RT @shadyasian At Encore.. See you soon @charliesheen @BobMaron @robpatterson666

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1520 days ago

Yes you will!!
RT At Encore.. See you soon


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suzispooky 1429 days ago

Nexusmagicstore 1442 days ago

Jason Ring is at Paris meeting with Stephane Vanel this week! Yes Winning!

Real_Anderson 1446 days ago


dhyackles_ 1465 days ago

oh Vegas!

zingaromar 1469 days ago

Ass kissers!

Uninhuuu 1487 days ago

Vegasssssssss *-----*

Allita009 1497 days ago

come to México Charlie, Los Cabos is a very nice place

mediatale1 1504 days ago

Now, with your new sitcom, you'll be able to give us back what you took from us without any consideration. NOW... FOCUS! This time you won't have to wait til they say "NO MAS". You'll just die...

VioletAriana 1506 days ago


SANADORA 1511 days ago

Me encanta tu trabajo Charlie Sheen, siempre he seguido tu trayectoria .. me encantara verte recuperado.

sunnyfaye 1516 days ago

hey it's me Faye..a friend Cabo Flip wanted me to Tweet and let him know he has been here on FB for weeks - actually 3 months now almost 24/7 trying to get that TigerBlood Intern job..said his tweets were "locked" and they apparently never

saucyencounters 1516 days ago


Chillout1993 1516 days ago

I hope i can visite this awesome town one day ;)

DEANOSU 1516 days ago


YanHarper 1518 days ago

VEGAS ✩✩✩✩✩

saucyencounters 1518 days ago

nice view

MissSaraJansen 1519 days ago

SIN CITY! Wow, amazing view.. X

ODMK 1519 days ago

you wanna know whats winning?

CaioRadames 1519 days ago

My dream is to know Vegas!