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i enjoy music, style and food. just a normal teenage kid. dont act different.

look what somebody got me the day before yesterday. LOL!!!

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1798 days ago

look what somebody got me the day before yesterday. LOL!!!


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BIEB_AHOLICC 1769 days ago


WaitToHappiness 1797 days ago


JDBBelgium 1798 days ago

nice xD haha

Mina_5SOS 1798 days ago

somones not wearing a bra :P

si_amas_aJB 1798 days ago

Natural :) LOL!!!

marga_rieta 1798 days ago

Hahahahaha Lol

karlavArmenta 1798 days ago

natural pineapple soda? hahaha is fun, quality of Hawaii #aloha :)

Rongaaa 1798 days ago

it's u

Jbiebersmile94 1798 days ago

Hawai , beach and Aloha lol

BieberFeverMP 1798 days ago

& if its hawaiin it makes it even cooler. LOOL <3

BieberFeverMP 1798 days ago

Pineapple soda? I hate pineapples ! LOOL, but the bottles cool :$

Clau_dhyaa 1798 days ago

it's yummmmy...

Nikkiiikaaihue 1798 days ago

I agree Pineapple Pizza & Pineapple soda? Love #Hawaii #Aloha Waialua is the best!

flynnball 1798 days ago

reminds me of Selena Gomez......

nhin_bieberized 1798 days ago

mmmmmm...yummy..sexiest drink I've ever seen..trololol

Gaviiota_Negra 1798 days ago


IGotBieberized 1798 days ago

LOL at the cover =)))) what does it taste like?

ChrisMaureenG 1798 days ago

HAHA! Does it taste good?

MelissaSasaki 1798 days ago

that would go great with some pineapple pizza(: #aloha #hawaii

JasmineVLA 1798 days ago